Alison Day Designs - Art & Design, Words, Voiceover:

- Artist & Illustrator
- Graphic designer
- Author - children's and short stories
- Writer - artist interviews, magazine articles
- Voiceover - museum tours, audio books, corporate films, documentaries, adverts
- Translator - Dutch to English

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I'm originally from Oxford, England, but currently live in the Netherlands, with my son, Sam and our two cats: Missy & Buster.

A graduate in Graphic Design (Middlesex Univ., London), I can best describe myself as a serial creative. These days being multi-facetted is not only advantageous, but can also lead to the discovery of new disciplines and techniques, to incorporate into one's creative life and work.
My inspiration comes from the world around me, in particular: travel, people watching, my garden, cat antics, a love of storytelling and re-cycling.

Concurrently to setting up my and business: Alison Day Designs, I was editor (2006-2013), of an expatriate publication. This also included the internal design, illustration, articles of interest and artist interviews.

A venture into the world of self-publishing (2015), has resulted in my debut children's story book: Sam & the Adventure. Quite an achievement, when one has to don multiple hats, ranging from the initial story, illustrations and book design to publishing and marketing—but well worth it! It's the story behind a mural I painted many years ago, for my then 2-year-old son. The internal illustrations are photographic reproductions of artworks, which I refer to as papiermâché-mosaics.
I also write short stories, articles and have a blog.

An experienced voiceover, my voice can be heard on museum tours throughout the Netherlands, in England, Belgium and Sweden, as well as educative English audio books, small documentaries, corporate films and the odd advert.

Having lived in the Netherlands for many years, I also offer a translation service - Dutch to English.


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