City of Talent (Winner, 2013)
9 Women- Facilitair Bedrijf, RijksUniv. Groningen (May - July 2011)
The Sketchbook Tour, U. S. A. (8 States: Feb - July 2011- Archived in Brooklyn Art Library)
Het Paleis, Groningen, NL - (June 2009)
Metamorphose, Groningen, NL - (Etalage 1997)
Max Menswear, Groningen, NL - (Etalage 1993)
Oxford Visual Arts Festival, University College, Oxford, GB - (May 1992)
Five Dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London, GB - (Graduate Show,1985)
'Interpretations' Iraqui Cultural Centre, London 1984
Poetry Exhibition, National Poetry Centre, London 1984
Iraqui Cultural Centre, London, GB - (1984)
Business Busters Noord - February 2011
Crave Amsterdam - The Urban Girl's Manifesto - September 2010
Craft Mill Newsletter July 2010
Dagblad v/h Noorden 2007 - Foreign Companies in NL (Dutch)
Featured Artist - Spring Issue Connections magazine 2005
Forced to Fly by Expats everywhere, Summertime Pub., 2012 (Short story, internal illos & design)
Letters Never Sent by Ruth van Reken, 2011 (Cover illustration, design &internals)

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